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Juan Villela

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February Notes


It’s been quite the month. So much craziness happened in such a short amount of time. My family and I have luckily been safe from most of it. And I’ve occupied myself with my work to the point that I hardly did anything else but code this month. But, I still managed to…

January Notes


This was a solid start to the Year of Focus. I’ve been working hard on two things this month: optimizations to the site and cleaning up my feeds (podcast and RSS). The latter is relatively straightforward; I already had a task list with various items. The former was a bit…



New year, new theme? Ok. Last year’s theme was a success. Having the mindset of prioritizing quality over quantity allowed me to prioritize the things that mattered most. Every time I felt that my time was being wasted on something unnecessary, I’d do a quick reset and…

Spreadsheets Reloaded


My love for lists has taken me to new extremes I never thought of before. And I love it. In this second installment of “Spreadsheets,” I want to detail my attempt at making a database for all my lists. I don’t recommend this approach; there are plenty of more user…