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Juan Villela

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March Notes


Fuck, what a month. I hope everyone is staying safe out there. Most are spending a lot more time at home than usual. My partner has been at home with me for about 3 weeks now. And I believe she’s starting to crack. I’ve seen her reorganize the house about 4 times and I’m…

February Notes


It’s been quite the month. So much craziness happened in such a short amount of time. My family and I have luckily been safe from most of it. And I’ve occupied myself with my work to the point that I hardly did anything else but code this month. But, I still managed to…

January Notes


This was a solid start to the Year of Focus. I’ve been working hard on two things this month: optimizations to the site and cleaning up my feeds (podcast and RSS). The latter is relatively straightforward; I already had a task list with various items. The former was a bit…



New year, new theme? Ok. Last year’s theme was a success. Having the mindset of prioritizing quality over quantity allowed me to prioritize the things that mattered most. Every time I felt that my time was being wasted on something unnecessary, I’d do a quick reset and…


Spreadsheets Reloaded


My love for lists has taken me to new extremes I never thought of before. And I love it. In this second installment of “Spreadsheets,” I want to detail my attempt at making a database for all my lists. I don’t recommend this approach; there are plenty of more user…



I like lists. I make them all the time to help me keep track of just about anything I need to know. There’s only so much I can hold in my head at a given time. So offloading certain information for later use frees up my head to focus on executing tasks relating to the…



Every year, the guys over at Cortex come up with a theme that sets an overarching idea guiding their decisions. There has been the “Year of Less” and “Year of Positivity” since 2017. Some people have begun to follow along with their own yearly themes, like Quinn Rose with…


Comfort Zone


A few months ago a new client approached me about redesigning their Rails app. It was pretty straightforward; replace Bootstrap with Grid Layout and give the UI a modern look, something I’ve done several times before. But I knew nothing about Rails before this client…


On Struggle


A few weeks ago I read a blog post by Ash Furrow about normalizing struggle. Everything was spot on, but there were a few things that resonated more with my life. All too often I find myself doubting whether or not I’m capable of doing the job in this new career path I’ve…



Have you ever gone down one of those online rabbit holes and end up on r/disneyvacation for some odd reason? Yeah, me neither. For a lot of us procrastinating is the norm and actually getting some work done is the accomplishment of the day. So we do a quick Google search…