Juan Villela



I often think about what it means to be successful. Like many in my field, I follow a lot of the "influential" folks to read about their current endeavors and best practices. Many of which are regarded as being the best at what they do and have great success in life. And so I wonder, what does success look like for me?

Unlike many, I've had the privilege of being born in a country with many benefits and comforts. And for that I am grateful. But I'm also very much satisfied with what I have.

I get to do the work I love. I'm constantly challenged in ways that encourage professional and personal growth. If I want to spend Tuesday watching at the movies with my partner, I can. To me, that's a success. I'm happy.

Sure, there's the occasional existential dread that gives me anxiety for a few days. I have a rough relationship with my family. And there's a myriad of other problem plaguing my country that worries me. But it could be worse. It has been worse before. So if I can wake up rested and worry-free, I call the win.

This is definitely a post for myself. These are things I think about often, but never get to say out loud. And I want to. I've finally found happiness in what I do. And it's happening right now. I could be a better version of myself. We can all always be better. And I'll always strive toward that. But right now, I'm happy. And if I can continue to do what I love, for as long as I can, I call that success.

I'll just work hard on being my best self. And maybe I'll never be the best and just average. And that's ok.